What We Believe


..1. That the Almighty is a God of order, and is dealing with the human race according to His timetable and eternal purpose.

..2. That Jesus was the first and only begotten before all creation of God, creating all other things at God's direction and with his power.

..3. That Jesus in his pre-human existence was known as the Logos; the word of God, expressing God's thoughts and words and carrying out many of his decisions relative to his creations.

..4. That this Logos in due time was transferred to human embryo form in Mary, born upon earth, living there to experience the temptations of men, was baptized to be the ransom for men, suffered and was perfected and died for the recovery of the human race lost in Adam's sin.

..5. That Jesus was raised from the grave, at which time the Father endued him with all authority in heaven and earth. When he was later taken to heaven, he also received his power, glory, and immortality.

..6. That Jesus paid the price for all men, ransoming them from the condemnation in Adam, that they might have an opportunity for proper judgment and eternal life.

..7. That this "Judgment" for all men is one of learning righteousness, growing to perfection, and finally being judged to be worthy of eternal life or not.

..8. That some are now drawn, called and chosen to enter the "church", to be judged in this age, and if successful, to live with Christ as spirit beings in heaven in the Millennial Age, judging the rest of mankind who will be resurrected to their opportunity for proper judgment and eternal life on earth.

..9. That the Church is presently being developed under a covenant of sacrifice with God, through Christ.

10. That this covenant includes presenting their bodies a living sacrifice, being baptized into Christ's death, being enlightened by God's spirit to understand the word of God, and being begotten to a promised spirit nature upon their resurrection.

11. That God is presently selecting from the church members, a Bride for His Son and these will be raised in the "first resurrection."

12. That the door to this "high calling" of the Bride is still open.

13. That these will be joint-heirs with Christ to reign for the 1000 years of his future earthly Kingdom.

14. That the Millennial reign of Christ and his Bride over the judgment of mankind is still future.

15. That salvation for all mankind is by grace and not by works of man or works of law. This grace leads to faith, and faith has its works that must be done, which are the works God has created for us to do. Salvation then is by grace, and by the works that grace prompts faith to bring to us in the will of God.

16. That the Bible is the inspired Word of God and should be studied contextually for the comprehension of God's principles and of his developing plan, as well as studied topically to understand necessary critical words and concepts.

17. That the Bible is the final authority for Christians.

18. That it is the Holy Spirit of God that leads us into all truth and not a man or an organization.

19. That the parable of the "Faithful and Wise Servant" is not representative of any particular individual but teaches faithful watchfulness of all who are fully devoted to the Lord and awaiting His return.

20. That religious organizations have no authority from God to rule over Church groups or individuals.

21. That individual congregations make their own decisions as led by the Holy Spirit.

22. That though water baptism is a scriptural requirement now in this age. Being baptized is required to show one's public declaration to their brethren of their acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and that they have made a firm decision to follow Him, entering into their covenant of sacrifice.